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Cornerstone of Pride


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Cornerstone of Pride; History of Utica Free Academy

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UTICA FREE ACADEMY (UFA): The history of Utica’s most illustrious high school is now in print. Utica Free Academy, high school to thousands of Utica students, dates back to the year 1813 when a group of community-minded citizens petitioned the Regents of the State of New York to charter what became Utica Academy--then exclusively for boys who paid a modest tuition for the privilege to attend. Later, it developed into a co-educational school and became part of the free public school system, changing it’s name to emphasize that fact to Utica Free Academy. In 1899, the school vacated its original site at the corner of Bleecker and Academy Streets, where it had been for eight decades, for a new school at a new site on Kemble Street. There it remained until 1987, when the entire public high school structure in Utica was altered. In addition to the factual details of the old school, the book also includes a nostalgic look at some of what occurred inside its walls--the romances, difficulties, pranks, joys, frustrations and especially the school spirit--that was so evident and important. Fourteen pages of illustrations, mostly photos, help the reader to view what the Academy was all about. An index, a school principal directory, a reproduction of the school charter, and the words to what became the school alma mater, all help to make reading more informative. Vignettes of Academy happenings are sprinkled throughout the text to add to the pleasure of this chronicle. The book sells for $13.95 and is available at many outlets in and around Utica. For those living elsewhere, it can be purchased from the author via e-mail at Shipping within the states is $2.00. Send check or money order for $15.95 (to include shipping) for each copy desired to: Malio J. Cardarelli, 14 Christine Ct., New Hartford, New York. Books will usually be mailed the same day and will be signed on request.