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History of the Utica Public Library


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This is a 200-year history of the Utica Public Library--soon to celebrate the 100th anniversary of its magnificent library building at 303 Genesee Street in Utica, New York. Also, the most accepted date for the first-ever library in Utica, New York is 1803 when Nathan Williams established the Fort Schuyler Library; thus it has been 200 years since a library began in the city. Later in 1825 a subscription library was formed. In 1842, under New York State regulations, a school district library was founded, and finally in 1893, with the help of Melvil Dewey, creator of the Dewey Decimal system, a public library was chartered under the name Utica Public Library. While the libraries, as they evolved, were in many different locations, all of which are discussed, there were only two permanent library locations. The first was in a building constructed in 1878 on Elizabeth Street as both a library and administrative offices for the Utica City School District. Later in 1904, it moved to a magnificent structure at 303 Genesee Street, designed and built exclusively for the Utica Public Library, its current location. The people instrumental in the development of the library in its 200-year history, and the events, some good and some not so good, are discussed in the book. Also, a mini-history of the Mid-York Library System is included. Sprinkled throughout the text are anecdotes, some humorous, to make reading more enjoyable. Illustrations, mostly early photos, many in color, about fifty of them, add to the visual splendor of the work. This book is priced at $16.00, and for a limited time, postage will be waived for USA mainland destinations for orders made via this web site. Author's signature applied on request. For information on how to order, contact the author at .