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Utica Portrait Artist Leon Cardarelli His Life and His Works; 1899-1979


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Utica Portrait Artist Leon Cardarelli

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Arriving in Utica with his family on December 21, 1907, at age 8 years, Leon Cardarelli already displayed a talent in art. Never known to have gone to a public school, he nevertheless spoke perfect Italian, English, and French and had an extraordinary interest in architecture, foreign cultures, music, astrology, science, and learning in general. His passion, of course, was art and after returning to Italy for early training, he continued his studies in the US at The National Academy of Design and other art schools. He returned to Utica in 1924 to set us his studio at the home of his brother, Paul. Primarily a portrait artist, Leon devoted his life to this interest, turning away from marriage, monetary endeavors, and fame. His was a private world in which he was content with his books, music, and his palette and canvas. This tribute to the artist includes a number of interesting antidotes and a look into his personal life. Approximately 50 illustrations are included, mostly of his color portraits, but also some photos of the artist. This is a second edition that includes a helpful "Index of Selected Names." This book is priced at $13.95, and for a limited time, postage will be waived for USA mainland destinations for orders made via this web site. Author's signature applied on request. For information on how to order, contact the author at