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Classical Music in Utica, New York; A History


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Utica, New York is extremely rich in history, coming into prominence within New York State for its central location and as a hub of the Erie Canal. In addition to its booming commercial stature within the state and the country during the 19th and through much of the 20th century, the city was blessed with a magnificent classical music culture that began very early in its development. While there were a number of individuals who contributed to this musical excellence, many of whom are included, the book dwells primarily on Utica Native Nicholas D. Gualillo whose prominence as a violinist, composer, and conductor seeped from Utica to all parts of the state, particularly Syracuse. In additions to his musical achievements and failures, interesting points of Maestro Gualillo's personal life are incorporated in the text. More than 40 photographs and illustrations are included to make the events more lucid and interesting. This is by far the most extensively researched work in the Cardarelli collection thus far, with an Index of Selected Names of approximately 250 entries. This book is priced at $17.50, and for a limited time, postage will be waived for USA mainland destinations for orders made via this web site. Author's signature applied on request. For information on how to order, contact the author at